I an an economist in marketing, working on topics related to digital marketing, digital economics, platform markets and market design.

Currently, I study reputation systems to understand and improve the functioning of digital platform markets. I want to deepen our understanding of how we rate and how we interpret other’s ratings, and what platforms can do to optimize the informativeness of feedback profiles.

I am also interested in subjective performance evaluations in the field of personnel economics.


  • Digital marketing
  • Digital economics
  • Platform markets
  • Reputation systems
  • Digital market design
  • Personnel economics
  • Experimental economics


  • Dr. rer. pol. in Economics, 2014

    University of Cologne

  • Diploma in Economics, 2009

    University of Cologne


01/08/2024: New publication

Our paper Social Preferences and the Informativeness of Subjective Performance Evaluations (with Dirk Sliwka) got accepted at Management Science.

12/22/2023: New position 🎉

I am happy to announce that I will start as an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Rotterdam School of Management’s department of Marketing Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam in January 2024.

12/01/2022: Research grant

Today is the official start of our research project on fake reviews funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation. Together with co-PIs Matthias Greiff, Jan-Philipp KrĂĽgel and Fabian Paetzel and postdoc Janina Kraus, I am going to study the causes and effects of fake reviews and how to mitigate their negative impact. Find more information on the project’s website.


Rate this transaction: Coordinating mappings in market feedback systems
Management Science 70. no. 11 (2024): 567-588.


Public Goods, Property Rights, and Investment Incentives: An Experimental Investigation
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 177 (2020): 514-532.


Inflated Reputations: Uncertainty, Leniency, and Moral Wiggle Room in Trader Feedback Systems
Management Science 65. no. 11 (2019): 4951-5448.


The Management of Innovation: Experimental Evidence
Games and Economic Behavior 104 (2017): 706-725.


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Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 89 (2013): 145-166.


Conflicting Tasks and Moral Hazard: Theory and Experimental Evidence
European Economic Review 55, no. 8 (2011): 1094-1108.


Behavioral Biases and Cognitive Reflection
Economics Letters 110, no. 2 (2011): 97-100.


Working Papers

Searching for Evidence: Less can be More


Work in Progress

Self-evaluations and Subjective Performance Evaluations

Fake Reviews in Digital Markets: Analysis and Solutions

Other Publications

Reproducibility in Management Science
Management Science, Articles in Advance.


Recent & Upcoming Talks

Workshop on Digital Markets 2024
Digital Economy Workshop 2024
Department of Management, Paderborn University
XXII. Symposium on the Economic Analysis of the Firm (GEABA)


Platform Economics and Marketing

Graduate level, lectures, in English.

EinfĂĽhrung in die Volkswirtschaftslehre (Introduction to Economics)

Undergraduate level, lectures, in German.

Innovationsökonomik (Innovation Economics)

Graduate level, lectures and classes, in German.

Nichtkooperative Spiele, Auktionen und Experimente (Non-cooperative Games, Auctions, and Experiments)

Graduate level, lectures and classes, in German.

Vertragstheorie (Contract Theory)

Graduate level, classes, in German.

Feedback and Reputation Systems in Online Markets

Graduate level, seminar, in English.

Topics in Contract Theory

Graduate level, seminar, in English and German.